Dayna Bowers

Dayna is a graduate of UNC Chapel Hill, the author of the 2020 Archimedes Academics HSPT Strategies Workbook, a passionate educator, and once the Head Counselor at her childhood summer camp. When she’s not tutoring, Dayna enjoys her work as a graphic facilitator, drawing and writing out meeting notes for all types of presentations and collaborations. Dayna brings her visual thinking skills to her work with students by incorporating visual elements into her lessons while encouraging creativity in her students.
Dayna brings 10+ years of tutoring experience to her work with Archimedes Academics, specializing in the HSPT, ISEE, SAT, Elementary Math, PreAlgebra, Algebra, Geometry, Creative Writing, College Application Writing, Writing Mechanics and Idea Generation, Persuasive Speech and Essay Writing, Speech Presentation and Performance, Research Paper Support, Religious and Philosophical Studies, Visual Art, General Homework Support, Time Management and Organizational Skills.
Fun Fact: Dayna was a high school Speech and Debate National Champion.

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