Do you feel confident your child will get accepted to the high school of their choice?
Have you found that after tons of research you have no credible resource or guide to turn to when it comes to preparing for the HSPT entrance exam?

Purchase a copy of Accepted: The Ultimate Guide to Success on the HSPT to provide your child with the definitive resource on the HSPT and the tools they need to get accepted to their first choice high school.

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Say goodbye to formally written, boring chapters and outdated approaches from years past. Say hello to proven, digestible strategies and methods that, if applied consistently, will both demystify the process and yield results.

We know that there are so many HSPT resources out there, so why choose Archimedes Academics? Our strategies and curriculum were created by teachers and tutors who are working with students NOW, not a big test prep company copywriter, giving our team the real world, real time experience needed to provide our students with the best strategies to tackle today’s tests.

Your child can take the HSPT multiple times, but only one score counts for admissions.

Students can take the exam more than once, but only the lowest score will be accepted. So, your goal is actually to help your child’s lowest score be their highest score. Our HSPT workbook will give your child the tools they need to take the HSPT with confidence.

What is Archimedes Academics?

Archimedes Academics is a full-service tutoring company that specializes in test preparation for the HSPT, ISEE, SAT, ACT, and SSAT as well as academic tutoring at the kindergarten-college levels. We have been providing top-tier test prep and academic tutoring services to the greater Los Angeles area for over ten years. Now, we work with students nationwide as well as internationally via Zoom. Our students consistently score in the very top percentile, and get accepted into their first-choice schools, frequently on scholarship. 100% of our students have increased their scores and 99% have been admitted to their first-choice schools. We also provide tutoring services for most academic subjects (algebra, geometry, chemistry, history, English, etc.) as well as AP Exams (AP Biology, AP History, AP Environmental Science, AP Language, etc.).

What will you cover in this book?

Students will learn hundreds of vocabulary words that frequently appear on the test as well as Latin/Greek roots, while mastering strategies and techniques (with worked out examples!) for each question type in the Verbal Skills, Quantitative Skills, Reading Comprehension, Math, and Language sections. They will also internalize, early on, the essential rules of the standardized-test-taking game.


Other HSPT test prep books are great for providing general strategies and practice problems. Accepted: The Ultimate Guide to Success on the HSPT provides next-level detailed explanations and techniques you won’t find in other prep books. Our workbook incorporates visual thinking elements and encourages drawing as a thinking tool, while meeting students where they are with a casual and fun tone. Students will be able to see exactly how they should mark up their test booklet or show work on a separate sheet of paper. This book has been put to the test in real tutoring sessions and molded by student input to provide the most tailored approach to succeeding on the HSPT. 

Absolutely. No matter if your child is beginning their prep 6 months in advance or only 2 weeks before they take the HSPT, our book is designed to make it crystal clear to students how they can approach the exam with confidence using proven techniques. If you’re asking if you can use this to help your child cram for the HSPT: yes, students have crammed this material over the course of a few weekends and still scored in the top percentile on their exam. 

Not only is the HSPT used as an entrance exam, but it is also used to place students in their highschool freshman year classes. HSPT stands for High School Placement Exam. If your child is interested in being placed on an honors or accelerated track, mastering the core material from middle school and learning test-taking techniques will undoubtedly help them succeed. 

The pandemic has been a challenge for all of us, adults and kids alike. We have learned how to adapt and be resilient. At the same time, academic learning loss is real. This workbook covers all of the core material from 6th-8th grade, so rest assured that students will not only learn how to succeed on the HSPT, but also review all middle school material.

Send me your address…

I’d Love to rush a copy of my brand new workbook
to your doorstep