Tracy Conlin
I can't speak highly enough about my experience with Hesley and Archimedes, but I'll try. I decided to go back to school to get my MA in Psychology and needed some help with my admissions essay/interview prep. It's been 15 years since I was last in school and needed a refresher to say the least. Hesley was a delight to work with. Not only was she super knowledgeable, but she also helped boost my confidence. In the end, I wrote a paper that I was really proud of, and was more than prepared for my interview. With her help, I got into the school of my choice and they were so impressed that I was admitted 6 months early. I couldn't have done it without Hesley's. Worth every penny.
Elizabeth Fagan
We have relied on Archimedes for both HSPT and SAT for our three boys, and they have increased all of their scores significantly. The tutoring sessions are focused and efficient. We recommend Archimedes.
Kelly Park
Both of our children had the benefit of working with Archimedes Academics. Our daughter used their services for her Catholic High School entrance exam and our son for his Junior High School entrance exam. The sessions were great. The kids tutor was organized, focused and helped both kids achieve their goals. I cannot recommend them highly enough.
Silvia D.
We met Hesley back in 2015 when she tutored our oldest son for the HSPT. After a few sessions, we were impressed with her teaching approach, patience, and knowledge. She was able to quickly identify his weaknesses and diligently worked to strenghen them while sharing valuable testing strategies and time management skills. She was able to push him beyond our expectations, and he scored in the 98th percentile. Although he graduated from Loyola since then, Hesley is back in our lives now tutoring our youngest son. We can't recommend her highly enough!
Narine Stygar
We had our twins tutor and train with Archimedes for their HSPT test. My son will be attending St. Francis and my daughter FSHA this coming school year. We had heard from everyone around us that we had to use Archimedes and when we did we knew exactly why. They are extremely professional and know what they are doing. It was a great experience for both of our children. They each had a different tutor that worked with their specific needs. They both did excellent on their tests and got into all the schools they applied for. If we had to go back and do it again we definitely would use Archimedes again. We actually will look into them when our twins need help in the future.

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